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2017-04-05 08:55 pm

Here we go

Well we will see if I can actually update this in any kind of timely manner. I usually just use any of these blog spaces for just subscribing to communities or big bangs or friends blogs. I don't think my everyday life is very exciting so I never know what to write.
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2015-01-01 11:44 pm

Happy New Year!

Well I have finally posted something after I don't even know how long. I suck at updating any social media anything. I don't post anything on facebook, tumblr, twitter or lj unless i am on vacation and am doing something interesting. I don't find my regular life interesting enough to blog about. I will try to update a little more regular like at least once a month maybe. Off to check on my friends list see if there is any updates.
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2014-07-18 10:56 pm


Well it's that time of year again. Me and the bro leave for Comic-Con on Tuesday. It's gonna be super awesome this year and I can't wait to see the panels and buy some exclusive marvel stuff. That Winter Soldier hoodie is gonna be mine. I totally suck at updating this but I do the same thing with facebook I suck at updating that too. So yay I am just so excited and can't wait to leave, have 3 days of work left.
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2014-05-16 11:16 pm

(no subject)

So haven't really been doing anything fun. Just never remember to post on lj. I have been enjoying keiras radio show. Don't really like the new format for lj its stupid and I can't find where to find your friends feed. Agents of Shield is over and it's getting renewed for a second season so I now can watch it without worrying it would be canceled. Just started watching Penny Dreadful on Showtime and it was pretty interesting. Game of thrones is going along pretty interesting this season as well.
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2013-09-23 09:48 pm


So watching Sleepy Hollow right now is been pretty good so far. I can't wait until tomorrow Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Coulson is back yay. So many new shows so little time to watch all of them. Gotta get back to the show.
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2012-11-27 11:37 pm
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Haven't posted in awhile

So I've been all limpy the last month or so. I made the mistake of missing the last two steps walking down my stairs and I tore a ligament in my foot which sucks ass not only the owe hurt parts but the fact that I didn't realize how much I use my foot. I can't squat down which is just super fun when I'm shelving books at work or even really bend over without straining my foot. And I still have like 3 weeks til it should be healed hopefully.

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2012-07-04 10:52 pm

comicon next week

I am so excited, can't wait to get on my way. Me and my bro are leaving for comicon next wednesday so excited and ohh just cant wait. It looks to be an awesome time,
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2012-06-03 11:04 pm
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New phone

So just got a shiny iPhone 4 and am having way too much fun finding apps to put on it and loading books and all my stuff on it. Hope my new case comes this week and I got to stay away from eBay cuz there is an avengers case and Emily the strange and snape one that are calling my name.

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2012-05-28 05:27 pm

So gotta go see snow white

So i watched mirror mirror last week and it was pretty good, I can't wait to see snow white and the huntsmen even though I really hate stupid twilight chick. Charlize Theron and Thor make up for it hopefully. Going through my die hard recs sites cuz I just got reignited with my love of john and matt.
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2012-03-31 12:26 pm

Comicon 2012 San Diego

Hey my friends list if anyone is going to comicon in san diego and is looking for a hotel to stay in just pm me. It's gonna be me and my brother in the room already. I'm booked at the San Diego Marriott in Mission Valley from Wednesday July 11-Sunday July 15.
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2012-03-28 01:41 pm

Comicon and Summerslam Awesome

So this summer is gonna be awesome, I've got ComiCon in July with my brother and then WWE Summerslam again in August with my brother and dad. Just so great, now I can't really spend any money til then since I'm saving for my trips. But it will be worth it. All the goodies i will get to buy YAYYY.
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2012-03-20 10:05 pm

Being sick sucks

So getting over having strep which is just so much fun. Freaking whole family was sick so my sister in law got me sick again. UHHH so got my tickets for comicon yay me and my brother are going, got my hotel all booked since like august of last year and we are all ready to go. Got some money to save still for all the goodies i want to buy but i still have time. So my throat finally doesnt feel like i swallowing broken glass anymore so that is awesome and I can kinda taste stuff again. Gotta get some sleep tonight I was brain dead at work today.
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2011-12-28 10:11 pm

almost new years

Yay almost new years me and my bff will be hanging out getting pizza and watching dvds all night. Might be going to see Sherlock Holmes on Friday maybe depends on how much money i got left over. AHH I forgot my bros bday is friday so no movie for me gotta make him his bday dinner.
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2011-12-13 09:53 pm

semester finally over

OMG thank god the semester is finally over and no more homework for at least a month til spring semester starts. Christmas is almost here yay and tamales here we come.
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2011-11-06 12:45 pm

holidays coming up fast

AHH so Halloween was pretty fun, spent it at disneyland and my niece was super cute as princess leia. But god the yeah is almost over and have a new baby nephew coming and got a baby shower to put togethor and thanksgiving and xmas. Plus my parents bdays which are in november. So very busy next two months for this lady. Now i just hope they dont put the comicon tkts up for sale til like january so i have time to recover from xmas.
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2011-09-11 10:57 am

exciting exciting

So while I was at work yesterday the freaking powers goes out. Its been sounding like it was gonna rain like all day with thunder rolling. Im just working away and the lights dim then blam no power so i have to take care of the customers i have still in the store and then call the boss to see if she wants me to hang around to wait for the lights to come on. Which she does so i turn my phone off cuz its about to die and twiddle my thumbs reading for about an hour before the lights come back on. Last night though was really stormy outside,there was lightning and thunder just blaring all night and it seemed like it was right over my house. so anyway am at work right now and while it still looks like it gonna rain again, nothings started yet.
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2011-09-10 11:04 am

at work

So getting back in the groove of taking classes again. I am still trying to refind a bunch of fic since i broke my usb key last year that had all my fic saved on it. Gonna try to go to the movies this week I think. Don't know what im gonna go watch. But other then that havent been doing much except lounging on my days off and doing school work of course.
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2011-08-11 10:48 pm

so excited

So this weekend is my wwe summerslam weekend. Me and my pops are going down to los angeles on saturday to go to wwe fan axxess and sunday is summerslam time. Also gonna go see glee 3d on saturday i think. I am just so excited and can't wait for the weekend to start.
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2011-06-21 12:09 pm

Weekend Fun

So went to see Green Lantern with my dad for fathers day. It was awesome and WOW is ryan reynolds super hot. I had a funeral to go to on Monday for a good friends brother which was super sad of course. So all in all not a super couple of days off but ehh.
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2011-05-10 10:36 pm

so i am finally a one job woman

So last friday I put my two weeks notice in at my second job. Its been a long time coming and I am so tired of never having any days off. Almost 6 years working 7 days a week sometimes both jobs in one day uhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know how i did it for so long. So less money just working full time at the Bookstore but it gives me time to finally finish my degree which is five years or more that I've been trying to get something done with it.

So am gonna miss my friends from work and I'll probably end up a bigger hermit then I already am but at least I'll be able to have lazy days and go out of town without it being a vacation. SO may 20 is my last day and I can't be happier. Just saw thor and OMG just loved it and Chris Hemsworth is stupid hot in it and Natalie Portman didn't bother me at all.