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So its my birthday tomorrow and I am coming down with sinus/cold thing. I am so overmedicating right now cuz I am gonna go out to dinner with my friend after work and want to be able to taste the food. I just really hate this time of year cuz it will be time for my epic phlegmy cough to start and last through like august. Cuz my sinuses and lungs hate me and conspire to make me hoarse and cough my lungs bloody. UHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Of course stupid doctors just give me cough medicine and send me on my way so they are useless. Anyway gonna spend a better part of the night reading and enjoying not having to get up so early tomorrow for work since im working only a half day.
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Well just got my hair cut and i need to dye it. Its been pretty uneventful lately. I'm going to disneyland in a few weeks which will be fun. Just got some awesome shirts from hot topic and am saving them for vaca. Just watched Burlesque again and uhhhhhhhhh just awesome.
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Im sick which i hate. UHHHHHHHH i think im gonna make some soup in a little while. I've been going through my bookcase at home and getting rid of a bunch of book that i have on ebook already since i need to make more room for new books. I am thinking about upgrading to the iphone 4 when it comes out for verizon just to kill two birds with one stone since i wanted to buy an itouch anyway and its about the same price and I am already paying for data on my phone plan so it wont be any different.
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So no Comicon this year which i am really sad about but i got to save some money so i can get down to just one job and some free time. I am definently looking at getting a new sony vaio, they are so pretty and purple my fave color. Nothin much doing just very slow at work this time of year so very boring.
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So I had to work New Year's eve and day of course cuz I never have a day off. So me and my friend hung out as always with pizza and movies with the addition of playing glee karaoke on the Wii. We barely made it to midnight before passing out for like 2 hours cuz we both had to get up way to early that day. So my new year's resolution is to go down to just one job and finally have some time to actually do stuff again. I miss just going out of town and going window shopping or to the swap meet. So hopefully I can get everything set up with my preferred job to work 40 hours and be able to tell my other job see ya here is my two weeks notice.

Christmas was really fun and the baby got a bunch of stuff. We had tamales which were awesome even though my mom made them a little hot. So got some gift certificates to spend and I got a Wii for xmas the red one so have to buy some stuff for that.
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So Halloween was pretty fun. We headed up to Disney for Halloween which was super fun. All the characters were dressed up and I bought the awesomest headband for christmas. It is candy cane striped with ears and just fun. So we are thinking of heading to disney for christmas which was really fun last year. Nothing much going on just got a new oven since our other one the thermostat was broken so it pretty much burned everything that didn't need to be just heated up.

So winter is upon us, Man it is freezing in my house today and I am glad the heater works in this house.
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So saw Red on thursday and OMG was just awesome. For one had no idea that Karl Urban was in it at all, just wanted to see it cuz it had Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren who is fantastic. But yeah is was just a sea of awesome with karl being a badass and bruce being a badass just great. A must have on DVD when it comes out. Nothing else really just working working, buying my ticket for comicon the day they go on sale since i am not missing it this year.


Sep. 28th, 2010 09:57 pm
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So long time, I really suck at keeping up with anything. Gotten sucked into the vortex of new seasons starting and no time to do anything but try to keep up with my dvr. Glee was awesome, love me some britney. I saw Easy A with my sister-in-law and OMG we were just cracking up the whole movie, definently a must own on dvd. Gotta buy iron man 2 on thursday since thats payday. My burner on my laptop suddenly doesnt like dvd+r anymore so i got a spindle of dvds that are wasted but good thing i picked up a dvd-r so im all good to go.

Long time

Sep. 3rd, 2010 11:22 pm
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Well i fail at updating. Finally got my computer fixed and it only took like 2 days to fix. But i've been catching up on everything that i can do with a functioning computer. Also burning a bunch of dvds to backup. And how ecstatic was i when i got my laptop turned it on and they didnt have to wipe my harddrive to fix whatever was broken so everything was still on it just like it was when it stopped working. So am thinking of going to see the Last Exorcism, i love eli roth so hope it doensnt make me laugh to much. Got to marathon true blood next week since i havent been watching it regularly. Also have to marathon the last 2 seasons of spn in time for the new season starting.

Anyhoo got to catch on LJ and then get some sleep have work early tomorrow. Just saw the new Ipod Touch OMG so glad i waited to get one, that is gonna be my xmas present to myself.

so working

Jun. 30th, 2010 05:49 pm
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So still at work, pretending to work and waiting for the fax with my pay summary so i can get paid tomorrow. Gonna go see Avatar next week i think, my dad wants to see it so i will probably take him. I gotta get up early and go the the dmv to renew my ID since its expired i just been lazy and don't want to get up that early. so got to get back to not working.
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So summer is upon us. Which is a sucky time to work retail with all the stupid kids in the store and all hours since they are on vacation. I haven't been doing much, just working. My friend DD got married yesterday and i went to her reception and that was fun. I saw Prince of Persia last week and man was that entertaining and Jake G looked very hot. Gonna go see Toy Story 3 with my munchkin her first movie so lets hope it goes well.

At work right now so probably should get back to looking like im working.

long time

Apr. 29th, 2010 11:22 am
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So i have discovered the addictiveness of twitter. Its so much fun but man i'm checking it all the time for updates. Even downloaded an app for my phone to make it easier to check. Anyways i am so close to getting my pc fixed just have to decide if i want it fixed or to go to portland again for like a day and see kane again. Other than that everything has been peachy.


Jan. 14th, 2010 01:11 am
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So xmas was great. We ended up heading out to Disneyland on xmas day which was kinda sucky since there were like a crapload of people there. I had fun though and got a awesome new purse. I was super late to work the next day since we stayed over and got a late start back. New years was the usual pizza and movie marathon with just me and my best bud. So just getting over the holidays and cant wait for march to come and the leverage convention in portland. well got to go and get some sleep for work tomorrow.
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So still using the mac my brother lent me so at least i still am online but i cant wait to get mine fixed. I just got to hold out til march and then i can send it in to get fixed. Just put up our xmas tree and finished getting my house all xmas out. got to get some sleep got work tomorrow early


Nov. 5th, 2009 01:55 pm
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So my pc repair will probably be on the back burner til like april since i want to save for going to the leverage concon in march. I cant wait to see how much the tickets are for the con and already have my hotel booked for that weekend. Just got to get the days off at work.

Got to get back to pretending to work.

stupid hp

Oct. 6th, 2009 10:46 am
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So I am going to be computerless at home for the next like month or so til i get enough cash to send my pc in for repairs. Stupid motherboard died. Other news have decided to ditch the convention circuit this year and go to new orleans for vaca this summer. Been wanting to go back for a while and just cant wait. So i only have internet on my moms crappy desktop or my phone for a while and at work of course.
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So im almost caught up paying my past due bills, vacations suck for paying stuff on time. I am contemplating going to either comicon again, dragoncon or one of the creation cons for supernatural next year. I cant decide which. And i have to decide cuz i cant afford to go to all three especially the creation ones since those are super expensive. Just been working and getting ready for my friends bday dinner next friday. I love the restaurant we are going to they have the most awesome food. Im glad shes so easy to shop for i usually just get her a book. Got my other friends bday dinner today and i havent gotten paid yet so gonna have to borrow money from the rents until tomorrow. Got to go pretend to work now.
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So going to see Katy Perry in concert on Sunday cant wait for that. Am starting another series started watching Dexter since all three seasons are on ondemand for comcast. Also got some catching up to do for spn got to finish s4 before s5 starts. Got my cousin coming by again this weekend, which will be fun we can finish watching season 1 of true blood. I am slowly converting everyboy i know to the awesomeness of true blood. Well am contemplating starting slow and taking a class this semester, am never gonna get a better job if i dont finally finish my degree. Besides i just got adobe photoshop cs4 and have no idea how to work it so might take this digital photography class that shows u how to use photoshop for pictures which should give me and idea how to use it for wallpaper and webpage design.

Got to get to sleep, got to work tomorrow uhhh.

true blood

Aug. 18th, 2009 10:32 am
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OMG i am so looking forward to the last three episodes of the season. OHHHH everything i getting so good and i wont spoil but just awesome. Haven't been doing much except saving the j2 big bang fic to read and reading smallville big bang stuff as well. Cant wait for the fall shows to start i have to finish watching fring s1 and rewatch spn 4 so i can get refreshed for the new seasons. Have to go back to pretending to work now


Jul. 27th, 2009 09:10 pm
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Just got back home from comicon. And oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! it was so awesome. There were like it seemed a billion more people than last year. But the true blood panel was awesome and tom welling in the flesh for the smallville panel just made the weekend. Got a bunch of pics that i have to download to my pc but cant wait for next year.


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